Compost at the Ballpark

Baseball season is here and in full swing.  The Seattle Seahawks have a new, green twist on stadium give-aways. Compost made from trash left at the stadium.  Continue reading


High Trash Fashion

Not all materials are created equally- and that stays true when it comes to fashion too.  Natural fibers, like organic cotton, tend to be gentler on the planet than artificial ones, rayon, polyester etc. How “green” clothing is depends on many other factors too, including where the materials are sourced and what the manufacturing process for them is. Continue reading

Earth Day 2011
April 18, 2011, 7:13 PM
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Earth Day is right around the corner- this Friday, April 22 to be exact. What is Earth Day? It started back in 1970 as a day to recognize the importance of a clean and healthy environment and to fight for it. Continue reading

Change is Good
March 21, 2011, 1:36 PM
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In previous posts I’ve talked about the need to limit the use of disposable bottles and increase recycling rates. But now there is a way to enjoy your sodas guilt free. Continue reading

Down with Dirty Cleaning

Ever though that the products you use to clean your shower might be polluting the environment, or you? Turns out many can.  Household cleaning products also contain many harsh chemicals (bleach ect) that are bad both for humans and animals (hence all those warning labels) and the earth (most are not natural substances nor easily biodegraded). Continue reading