Farmer’s Market Season
April 10, 2011, 5:52 PM
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It’s officially Spring and, at least in San Jose, finally starting to feel like it is. With Spring comes the start of local farmer’s markets that are not only great places to get fresh, local produce, but also a fun way to spend a leisurely morning.

Farmer’s markets have multiple benefits.  The fresh,local produce is often better quality (fresh) than that at major supermarkets. They’re also healthier for the planet because the produce hasn’t been shipped long distances- it doesn’t take a lot of gas (CO2) to get it from the farm to you. By buying at farmer’s markets you’re also supporting local growers and vendors  and therefore your local economy (markets usually have flowers, baked goods, meats, and artwork for sale on top of produce).

Bonus: Farmer’s markets often have better prices on produce than major supermarkets. In the Summer months I’ve seen peaches at supermarkets for $2 per pound but $1 per pound at farmer’s markets. Haggling is acceptable at markets and, if you go at the end of the day, are likely to get last-minute deals.

Keep it green by bringing your trusty reusable bags– some farmer’s markets have even banned plastic bags or offer discounts if you bring reusable bags.  Why carry five polluting, plastic bags when everything can fit in one large fabric bag?  I fit six tomatoes, five carrots, four potatoes, five oranges, a bunch of celery, and a bottle of wine (yes, farmer’s markets sell wine) in one bag, with room to spare.

Everything I got at the market in 1 bag- with room for more!

Contents: celery bunch, potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes

Today I was at the Japantown Farmer’s Market, but there are many more in San Jose, including the Downtown Farmer’s Market.  Find a farmer’s market near you- for Bay Area markets search here or search nationwideby zip code here.


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