Turkey Burger, Please

Your food choices can have a major impact on the environment. Did you know that beef is the least environmentally friendly meat?

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, beef production emits 80 million metric tons of methane, one of the main greenhouse gases, annually (cows excrete it).

Globally one third of all grain is fed to cattle, instead of to people. It also takes multiple pounds of grain to produce each pound of beef, making the production an inefficient process. Those extra pounds of grain might be better used feeding a starving person, rather than fattening up a cow.

Cattle can also harm the environment when their feces are not disposed of properly. Massive slaughter farms create a large amount of feces, which can contaminate local  water supplies if not disposed of properly.

To help curb the emissions and water pollution, cut down your beef consumption in favor of other protein sources. Poultry, dairy, eggs, and legumes are all good, alternative sources of protein. They require less energy to produce and emit fewer greenhouse gases. They’re also cheaper to buy and healthier for you (think of the cost of a pound of beef verses tofu, beans, or chicken).  If you would like to buy beef, grass fed is a better option- thought the amount of land used to produce the grazed cattle can offset its benefits (it depends on the production).

Happy eating!


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