Down with Dirty Cleaning

Ever though that the products you use to clean your shower might be polluting the environment, or you? Turns out many can.  Household cleaning products also contain many harsh chemicals (bleach ect) that are bad both for humans and animals (hence all those warning labels) and the earth (most are not natural substances nor easily biodegraded).

Even if you don’t clean your home as often as your mother and grandmother did, do you want to risk using a potentially dangerous while you clean small spaces like the shower?  The good news is that most natural  cleaning products are also good for the planet.

Method brand products can clean you and your home naturally, safely, and in an environmentally friendly way. The company manufactures its natural products in sustainable ways and offset its carbon emissions (though they try to limit those in the first place). I’ve used these products before and not only do they work well, but I feel good knowing that I am supporting a company that cares about the planet.

These products are not much more expensive that the regular harsh ones. But if you really like to save money you can create your own, that are also effective. The “recipes” can be found Most include white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice- all inexpensive.

Next time you clean, think about what you’re pouring down the drain (and into the oceans). Happy cleaning!


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